Selling Your Home: Curb Appeal Still Matters

Selling a home

In a sellers’ market, we often get asked, “The fixer down the street just sold for top dollar, and homes seem to be selling so fast, do I really need to worry about curb appeal?”

With that said the answer is, without a doubt -YES! No matter what the market is doing, cost and return on investment are always and should be a concern.

Our current market is very complex; we are achieving record high sale prices in record time. Due to the competitive market, buyers are approaching purchases with more education and knowledge, which is a good thing for everyone. With that said, the visual details of your home upon arrival still have an impact. Buyers are investing top dollar for properties and how your home looks influence the perception of value. As the clouds start to clear, this is the time of year to begin sprucing up home –  ideally, if you are thinking of or planning on selling.

Here are four steps to get you started:

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Spring is the time to start:

  • Pruning bushes and trees for optimum growth
  • Addressing the health of your lawn by weeding and fertilizing
  • Planting a garden for summer blooms
  • Sharpen the fine details such as edging, cleaning out sidewalk cracks, and pressure washing sidewalks and driveways.

First impressions are everything, don’t miss this prime time to capitalize on nature’s timing.

Make Repairs

Last November, we posted the blog, “6 Tips to Take the Stress Out of Owning a Home” where we addressed going over your home inspection to prioritize and budget for repairs. If you still have your inspection handy, this is the perfect time to review it and start planning for repairs. Also, remember to inspect your home for new damage or wear. Houses are a labor of love and will continually need tweaks to stay in good shape. Don’t let little repairs go unattended. It will cost you down the line.

Polish the Exterior

While gardens and landscaping may seem like the top priority, don’t forget the appearance of your actual home. Unkempt exteriors give the perception that the interior maintenance is lacking as well. Be sure to take the time to clean the gutters, wash the windows, pressure wash the siding, and freshen up the paint where necessary. Every detail counts.

Make Your Front Porch Sparkle

The front porch is sometimes the forgotten gem. Take the time to give a little TLC to the vibe your front porch gives. Consider the door color and the accessories. A few simple decorative items go a long way, i.e., planters and porch decor. The warmer the welcome, the better.

We know owning a home is a lot of work. Whether you are getting ready to sell a home or just getting ready for spring, we have the resources to help you get the job done. We have a list of trusted professionals that can help. If you need a recommendation, please feel free to call Diane at 253-441-5000 or email We would love to help!

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