Relay For Life: Where Does My Money Go?

Relay For Life

When talking about donating to causes such as Relay for Life, time and time again I hear the phrase, “I don’t like my money going to big CEO’s rather than the cause.”

Media coverage of inflated leadership pay of non-profits, multitudes of GoFundMe pleas, and other appeals for help make even the most generous people struggle with donating. Who can you trust and where can you make the most impact?

I get it! And I share the same struggles.

As a board member of the American Cancer Society and a dedicated supporter of Relay For Life, I think it is important to address where your money goes when you donate. All too often we are asked to give to organizations that are taking on upward battles that seem broad in nature – world hunger, homelessness, childhood disease. The list goes on. Cancer is no different – it has no boundaries and does not discriminate. As a result, we want to make sure our money goes where it has a tangible impact, and the delegation can be trusted. The American Cancer Society is one of the best.

American Cancer Society Funds Go Where It Counts

ACS Financial Chart

Source: 2017 Annual Stewardship Report; American Cancer Society

The graphs above speak volumes – especially as it relates to the public’s trust in the mission and value of the American Cancer Society. The public provides 93% of the funding, and 75% of revenue goes directly to the cause which includes:

  • Patient Support
  • Cancer Research
  • Prevention, Information, and Education
  • Detection and Treatment

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, the majority of your donation directly impacts people’s lives. In addition to research, the American Cancer Society removes barriers to quality health care by providing services such as transportation to treatment and other cancer-related appointments, lodging for patients seeking treatment away from home, and healthcare guidance for newly diagnosed patients.

It also goes towards prevention, information, and education which supports campaigns such as the 80% by 2018 initiative which aims to increase the percentage of US adults aged 50 and older being regularly screened fr colorectal cancer to 80% by 2018 – just to name the most recent.

The American Cancer Society takes on a holistic approach to fighting cancer. It’s so much more than research and science. To find out more information on how the American Cancer Society is directly impacting lives, check out their 2017 ACS Stewardship Report. You’ll feel confident about donating.

Our Ask

This year our team, “All You Need is Love … And, A Little Help From Your Friends” has a fundraising goal of $10,000. We would be honored if you helped us reach our goal. To donate, click here.

Want to Relay? Join our team! This year’s event will be May 18-19, 2018, at Mt. Tahoma High School. You can join us online by clicking here, give us a call at 206-228-1372 or email

Thank you for supporting our efforts and help those with cancer and their loved ones.

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