Relay For Life: Because I “Live Grateful”

2018 Relay for Life Tacoma

You may have seen him. In recent months there is a gentleman on the corner of 6th and Pearl Street in Tacoma. He’s there most mornings holding a handwritten sign that promotes Christian messages or simple words of inspiration. At first, I thought, great another fanatic distracting traffic – no one has time for this. But then I started to pay attention to his signs, I mean, you really can’t help but notice with his animated moves and big contagious smile. After some time, I found him endearing and his messages simple, not at all as I had first assumed. Then it got me thinking, this man’s goal is not so much different from my own when it comes to supporting the efforts of Relay for Life  and the American Cancer Society (ACS) – to purposefully improve the lives of others.This man literally fights rush hour traffic to get his message out and invoke change. Then it got me thinking, that sounds a lot like me!

The Impact of Simplicity

We are now 45 days away from Relay For Life. And like the man on the corner, I have to battle rush hour traffic known as life and information overload to motivate individuals to support a great cause and donate. Then it occurred to me. This man’s message is simple. Maybe it’s not how often I email, how many blogs I write, perhaps it’s the simplicity of the message. Then I remembered the man’s sign this morning, “Live Grateful.”

Wow. “Live Grateful.”  While his message may not be written in perfect English, it sends an impactful message. It also ties into why I have a passion for Relay For Life.

I Relay For Life Because I am Grateful

I organize a team because I am grateful that my family, my wife and my children are healthy while 1,670 families lose a loved one to cancer every day. EVERY DAY. It is predicted that this year, 609,640 Americans will succumb to cancer’s grip.

I raise funds because I am grateful that the people in my community who have experienced or are currently battling cancer, have an organization and community that rallies behind them to ensure a quality of life and hope for the future.

I walk because I am grateful that due to organizations such as the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life, my best friend’s mom will be walking the survivor lap this year.

I am a board member of the American Cancer Society because I am grateful that with 36,170 projected cancer diagnosis in Washington State in 2018, I can help make a difference and improve lives.

What a compelling reason to give – because you “Live Grateful.”

Please “Live Grateful” and Impact Lives

This year our team, “All You Need is Love … And, A Little Help From Your Friends” has a fundraising goal of $10,000. It’s a big one, and we hope to meet to our goal! If you would like to support our team by donating, click here.

Also, if you want to know how your efforts directly impact those in your community, check out our most recent Relay For Life blog, “Relay For Life: Where Does My Money Go.” It’s worth a read. Some fantastic things are happening in our local communities!

Want to Relay? Join our team! This year’s event will be May 18-19, 2018, at Mt.Tahoma High School. You can join us online by clicking here, give us a call at 206-228-1372 or email

Thank you for your support and time.

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