What are hard money “points”

Points = % = Fee As a local private & hard money lender in Tacoma I get all types of questions about how private loans are structured and how they should be used.  For a private & hard money “deep dive” check out this blog the definitive guide to hard money lending I wrote to give…

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The 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Borrowing Hard Money

These Questions Will Help You Avoid Making A Huge Mistake If you are considering a Hard Money Loan in Tacoma Washington, these are the 7 questions you must ask & answer before you take your next step: What is the potential benefit of the opportunity that requires a hard money loan? Can you qualify for…

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Toner Real Estate Solutions and Northwest Costume to Host “One Last Costume Party”

Northwest Costume

Toner Real Estate Solutions in partnership with the owners of Northwest Costume will host “One Last Costume Party,” a community event and tour of the building on May 11, 2018 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Shortly after the November fire that destroyed the business and damaged the building, the Johnsons engaged Joe Toner of…

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Relay For Life: Because I “Live Grateful”

2018 Relay for Life Tacoma

You may have seen him. In recent months there is a gentleman on the corner of 6th and Pearl Street in Tacoma. He’s there most mornings holding a handwritten sign that promotes Christian messages or simple words of inspiration. At first, I thought, great another fanatic distracting traffic – no one has time for this.…

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“We Buy Houses” – What You Need to Know

We Buy Homes Signs

You have probably seen the yellow signs on the side of the road, “We Buy Houses” or “We Will Buy Your Home For Cash.” It makes sense that in a housing market with low inventory someone would be looking for homes, right? It may even seem that they are speaking directly to you depending on…

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Relay For Life: Where Does My Money Go?

Relay For Life

When talking about donating to causes such as Relay for Life, time and time again I hear the phrase, “I don’t like my money going to big CEO’s rather than the cause.” Media coverage of inflated leadership pay of non-profits, multitudes of GoFundMe pleas, and other appeals for help make even the most generous people…

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The One-Step Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Investor

Northend FourPlex

One of the most common questions we get regarding real estate investing is  “How do I get started?” As simple as the question is, many of my best clients struggle with how complex and overwhelming the answers can be. That’s because what we have discovered over the years is the answer depends on individual goals…

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Selling Your Home: Curb Appeal Still Matters

Selling a home

In a sellers’ market, we often get asked, “The fixer down the street just sold for top dollar, and homes seem to be selling so fast, do I really need to worry about curb appeal?” With that said the answer is, without a doubt -YES! No matter what the market is doing, cost and return…

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2018 Relay For Life: Let’s Fight Cancer Togethe

Fighting Cancer

As you may remember, in October I sported a very pink suit for the Real Men Wear Pink campaign to support the American Cancer Society. My goal was to raise $2500 to fight breast cancer. Incredibly, through an outpouring of support, I not only reached that goal, but we also surpassed it, bringing in $2700!…

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Private Lending: A Unique Solution for Business

small business solutions

As I started writing this week’s blog, I sat with my freshly poured cup of coffee in hand, took in the scent of that roasted morning hug and looked outside to the dark, menacing winter clouds through my rain-blurred office window, and it got me thinking. Owning and running a business is demanding and challenging…

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From Ashes to Opportunity: The Northwest Costume Shop Will Inspire You

Northwest Costume Shop

Since 1928, the iconic brick building pictured right has been at the heart of the 6th Avenue business district in Tacoma for 90 years. Over the years, the building was home to a grocery store, a dance studio and even a Knights of Columbus Hall. Most recently, my friends, Tom and Mary Johnson, owned this…

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A Goal Is so Much More Than a New Year Resolution

So by now, you’ve created all these great goals, motivation is at its peak, and you’re ready to roll. That’s usually the case for the first week, maybe even month or two, but then you hit that slump, what I like to refer to as the New Year Resolution Dump. You start out strong, and…

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