I was born and raised in Seattle, and moved to Tacoma after college and currently live in University Place.

I purchased my first home in 1999, and became licensed in real estate in 2001. Over the years I've bought and sold hundreds of homes for clients. By 2010 I achieved personal production that ranked among top single brokers nationally.

I share this with you because I want you to know I've been around the block and have a few tactics up my sleeve that I can use to help my clients achieve results.

My most recent success dates from my time at Commencement Bay Brokers.  With the help of a tremendously talented team we were able to grow Commencement Bay Brokers into a leading, local, independent brokerage. By 2015 and 2016 we were ranked among top brokerages in the State of Washington by the Puget Sound Business Journal. In 2017 I sold my interest in the brokerage to explore other professional opportunities (more on this in a minute)...

I started Toner Real Estate Solutions to deliver an expanded list of services to my clients. I want to help my clients build more, do more, dream more and achieve more.   Through Toner Real Estate Solutions, my business is now aligned with my most important core value: to "Give More".

I am passionate about giving time and expertise to my community. I'm currently serving as a board member  for the American Cancer Society and I am a Team Leader for the Relay for Life.  I'm a pst board member at the North Tacoma Cooperative Preschool and I am a regular volunteer at Saint Charles Catholic School and Parish.

Toner Real Estate Solutions was founded to provide my clients with real estate services for multifamily and investment properties, development and private lending.

Of course, I still help my friends, family and referrals with the purchase and sale of single family homes, but don’t be surprised if that leads to building your investment portfolio!

My passion is helping my clients not only live in the home of their dreams but to also build a life of their dreams!


Throughout my career, I've been guided by a personal mission statement which I can now summarize with two simple words: "Give More”.

To me, “Give More" means to help others navigate towards realizing their fullest potential so that we are all impactful difference makers.”

My expanded set of core values are described below. I hope you find them as exciting and inspiring as I do.

The true measurement of a person is in how much they give. I believe in a world where we all gave more to our clients, community, partners, team member, friends and family. Truly becoming impactful difference makers by leaving this world better than how we found it. My journey continually redefines my understanding of “giving my all”, giving everything I can and then digging down deeper to deliver past expectations and expanding beyond. I pride myself on being that dependable first person you think of when you are in need. Utilizing time, experience, knowledge, effort to complete all tasks and deliver past the finish line. After all, helping is what it’s all about.

Life is great and more fun together, so I take actions that build positive relationships. With a strong enough connection one could remove the confines of a title and the group could become a tribe, by which the rising tide could lift all boats. This is a philosophy of inclusion not exclusion which requires honesty and transparency and the willingness to accept and appreciate our differences. As a team , my responsibilities are not complete until all team duties are complete and when successful the team has earned the acknowledgement and reward.

You are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. A positive environment affects our results and a positive mind set can transform perceived “problems” into opportunities. The reward for this focused approach is the gift of taking what is perceived to be a weakness and transforming it into a strength. There is a direct connection between your thoughts and the results you receive for your efforts. We are given the choice every day to perceive the world the way we want to, I choose to be positive.

Without question, real estate transactions are becoming more complex every day. New technology and regulations change the landscape practically daily. Success comes when identifying my clients goals and dreams and navigating through market challenges guiding them to long term success.

Results are created through: goal setting, tracking, reporting, adjusting, accountability, belief and achieving.
Success is created and earned. Luck has always favored the well prepared. This is an equation I created and utilize to create success. As you can see, there is no secret bullet, no short cut, just preparation, a plan and a commitment to stick to that plan. Those who have achieved success will agree that success doesn’t happen overnight nor does is just appear, the journeys are never exactly the same but they travel in unison.

Starting with the end in mind and treat people the way I want to be treated have served we well in attracting and connecting with my Tribe. My relationships are founded in trust and the understanding that regardless of the news (good or bad) it’s better to address the issue head-on and do what we can to turn it into an opportunity.

Every day is a gift, where we can do our best, to improve and to make the world a better place by sharing our gifts. Discovering our gifts takes self-reflection and a willingness to listen to others, both of which can be the keys to reaching your maximum impact. We are all capable of much more than we can comprehend. I have found great fulfillment in encouraging others to grow and improvement along their journey towards their fullest potential.

Education is the fuel to reach your fullest potential. With practice education becomes knowledge and with mastery, knowledge becomes wisdom. We all know a teacher, coach or parent who has set this example for us. Having a conscious awareness of the importance for the need to improve is what drives my thirst for learning.

Engagement can be achieved by simply asking a question and truly listening for the response. Focused listening can be a tremendous advantage in continually learning, expanding your skill set and increasing your mastery. I have found Inspiration and solutions in my relationships through conversation.

The story of success is filled with hard work, dedication, diligence, creativity, among many other qualities. Its also requires, an opportunity. When given the opportunity we must seize the day, put to work all the qualities we know it takes to have success and once we scale the mountain be gracious, be humble and show gratitude for everything and everyone who have helped you along the way.